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Gnaw Bone

Arguably, the most iconic new business sign in Hailey is the Big Blue Bone on Main Street.  Within is the finest facility for canine fun and care in the Wood River Valley – Dog lovers capital of the universe.  Street dogs we love and protect, private jet pets that flaunt trick toenails and international show-stoppers rocking ribbons and trophies in tow. But the howl that really holds us together are Jack and Sammie, Tyler and Sophie,  Roscoe and Samantha, Hailey’s kids of the canine kingdom.

Want the very best grooming and spa services at the cleanest, chill, kickback care spa, with boarding like we provide our own dogs? We are waiting right now.  Please come by and allow us to clip, clean, pamper, and play with your pet and have an extended staycation with us.  Dixie and Jazzy will be begging (well, tugging their leashes hard) to return.  Training and agility courses, of course, available too.  Breath a little hard at this altitude?  Not at the Bone!  State-of-the-art triple-HEPA filtration with total outside fresh mountain air exchange flows continually throughout.  All rooms sourced individually and especially in service areas.

Speaking of services, oh, wow!  See the link: https://fourpawsdoggydayspa.com/grooming/.  Head honcho groomer, Rona, is a 30-year professional groomer and dog show manager.  She has Four Paws Grooming at our location.  Not only does she know the fundamentals like no one else in the Valley, she actually still has the enthusiasm of a kid.  We encourage our owners to include spa services while your pet boards with us in order to fully take advantage of our VIP treatment at the Bone.

Vets of the highest caliber exist up and down our Valley, the best and most modern placement and rehab facility, Mountain Humane, has recently opened, i.e. the greatest care is in fact abundant. We pride ourselves in our effects to collaborate with all of these service facilities and wonderful organizations.

Want to just eat out, catch a flick, work at home without interruption and know that your pet is at our “home away from home”? Take a look, not a crate but a bed, bath and Netflix scene where we live in that will entertain, feed and provide care.  Explore nearby while Fido gets his nails trimmed and Toto her trusses tussled.  We fix tushes too.  In other words, we scrape teeth, tune theaters, deliver diets and add on anything else you can think of – wax whistles, clean ears, etc.

We can gladly point out our favorite hikes for dogs.  Where can my pet sit at the table? Look left when you leave the airport. The giant blue bone is a boarding, grooming and play central.  Hailey’s finest, friendliest and only one-stop, 24-hour, no reservation required (although appreciated) safe place for your dog.  Our door is blue, but it could be Golden.  May we serve you and love it?  Absolutely!  Pickup and delivery available.  Just ask.  We can pre-register and help you with shots for all our pets’ safety.

Thank you!

Chapman and Jaime

Hailey, ID.