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The Gnaw Bone has become the premier pet resort for residents in the Wood River Valley, including Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue.  We have built a strong reputation for being professional, clean, safe, and a fun place for your dogs to stay. Our staff is well-educated in dog body language, health, and safety practices.  We pride ourselves in you, as a customer, feeling confident that we know how to assess your dogs needs.

Dog Boarding

We offer dog boarding 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Gnaw Bone is a social environment, ideal for dogs that want to play or relax in a comfortable, clean environment. During the daytime dogs can play for hours, grouped by size and activity level. All play is supervised by our knowledgeable staff, trained in safety, dog body language and behavior. Additional activities and services, such as indoor and yard exercise, walks and nature hikes and professional grooming, can be added during your stay to ensure your dog receives the appropriate and loving attention and physical exercise level individual to your pets needs. Click the web camera link on our website to watch your dog play in real time.

Crates are typically reserved for dogs that are crate trained at home and are best for active dogs that play during the day.  Crates provide a cozy sleeping area for a restful night’s sleep. Creates are designed for individual dogs and never shared.  Sleeping accommodations are reserved based on suitability for your dog and availability at reservation time.

Pick up and drop offs can be scheduled 24/7 to accommodate your schedule within reason as we understand that flight schedules and road conditions do not always cooperate with traditional business hours.  Local taxi service is available on a limited basis for a per milage fee.  Inquire regarding availability when making reservation.

Food & Medication: We encourage owners to provide dogs with their regular food so as to not upset their digestive system, especially when being introduced into a new environment.  This assists us as well to determine the cause of any potential stomach upset.  However, if you would like us to provide food for your dog, we offer Iams as it seems to be tolerated well by most breeds.  If your dog is taking any medication, we can administer it.  Please clearly label the medication with your pet’s name and directions for administration.


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Day Care

Most dogs enjoy socializing in groups.  Day care (group play) is included while boarding and is provided in a safe and fun environment.  The dogs are grouped by size and temperament.  Play yards have agility equipment, toys and beds. If your dog needs a break or rest time, they can choose to sleep on the beds provided in the play areas or can be moved into their overnight sleeping crates for a nap.

We have a state-of-the-art triple-HEPA air filtration system which provides a fresh, sanitary environment for your dog with the cleanest continually replenished air throughout the building 24/7.

We use high-tech floor cleaning equipment that disinfects and cleans the astro-turf on a regular basis.

Shots Required:

  • Rabies – 1 to 3 years
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) – renew every 6 months
  • DAHLP – Parvo (Lepto shot not needed) – Given at least 24 hours to 7 days – every-year.
  • Canine influenza – every-year
  • Monthly – Flea, tick, and lice preventative medication.
  • Negative fecal test – within the past 6 months

*All of this is to keep your best friend healthy and safe.


  • $30 full day
  • $50 for 24-hour care
  • Hourly less than full day $5 per hour


  • 10% off for 2 dogs or more
  • 10% off for 10 days or more
  • 20% off combined for 2 days or more and 10 days or more